The Midwest Finishers Submission Only Tournament was created to bring the excitement of sub-only jiu jitsu, featuring EBI rules to the MIDWEST. The Finishers Sub-Only is a tournament style submission only event with cash prizes for the winners. The event strives to get the most talented up and comers along with seasoned veterans to compete for cash prizes and submission bonuses. We want to Show the Art of jiu-jitsu to the masses.

Finishers Sub-Only has featured athletes that have competed and won at the highest level tournaments such as EBI, ADCC, IBJJf and other invitationals like The Radius and Sapatiero. Names like Gordon Ryan, Mike Davila, James Gonzales, JM Holland, Ethan Crelinsten, Mike Padilla, Mike Main, PJ Barch, Pat Sabatini, Jon Calestine, John Battle, Oliver Taza, David Porter, John "Thor" Blank, Grace Gundrum, Cora Sek and others.

Finishers Wanted!